The authors of ledger2beancount are:

Stefano started the project, created the design and initial implementation. Martin joined later and added more functionality, documentation and test cases.

We have also had contributions and input from:

  • Alen Siljak (bug reports)
  • Alexander Baier (bug reports)
  • Ben Creasy (fixes)
  • Colin Dean (bug reports)
  • Daniele Nicolodi (feedback)
  • Dennis Lee (Docker image)
  • GitHub user bratekarate (bug reports)
  • GitHub user faaafo (bug reports)
  • GitHub user mefromthepast (bug reports)
  • Jelmer Vernooij (package for Debian)
  • Johannes Raufeisen (bug reports)
  • John Wiegley (help with compatibility with ledger)
  • Kirill Goncharov (bug reports; package for Arch Linux)
  • Marin Bernard (bug reports)
  • Martin Blais (help with compatibility with beancount)
  • Mohsin Kaleem (bug reports)
  • Remco Rijnders (feedback)
  • Simon Michael (bug reports; fixes; help with compatibility with hledger)
  • Taylor R. Campbell (package for pkgsrc)
  • Thierry (bug reports; documentation)
  • Vinod Kurup (fixes)
  • Yuri Khan (feedback)
  • Zhuoyun Wei (package for Arch Linux)

Some work done by Martin Michlmayr was sponsored by Software Freedom Conservancy and Software in the Public Interest, Inc. You can also sponsor Martin's work on ledger2beancount, ledger, and beancount.

Thank you to all contributors and users!

If you'd like to contribute to ledger2beancount, please see the contributions information.