ledger2beancount accepts input from stdin or from a file and will write the converted data to stdout. You can run ledger2beancount like this on the example provided:

ledger2beancount examples/simple.ledger > simple.beancount

After you convert your ledger file, you should validate the generated beancount file with bean-check and fix all errors:

bean-check simple.beancount

You should also inspect the generated beancount file to see if it looks correct to you. Please note that ledger2beancount puts notes at the beginning of the generated beancount file if it encounters problems with the conversion.

If you believe that ledger2beancount could have produced a better conversion or if you get an error message from ledger2beancount, please file a bug along with a simple test case.

You can pipe the output of ledger2beancount to beancount's bean-format if you want to use the conversion as an opportunity to reformat your file.